Tiffield Parish Council

Serving the people of Tiffield

The Community Defibrillator is sited in the Telephone Box at the front of the church and adjacent to the Reading Room.

If someone is suffering a cardiac arrest then dial 999 immediately and follow any instructions given.

There are a number of trained responders throughout the village, whose details are below.

You can call one of these responders if required. In the event of a heart attack, every second counts, and to get a defibrillator to the patient as soon as possible must be the first priority.

If the defibrillator is used, please notify the Clerk to the Parish Council so that it can be refreshed and recharged for future use.




David Wells

24 High Street South

01327 351138

Geoff Wilkins

39 High Street South

01327 351175

Gloria Wells

24 High Street North

01327 351138

Luisa Barrios

12 High Street South

01327 358935

Kevin Corcoran

12 Meadow Rise

07860 943334

Mary Leggett

4 Meadow Rise

01327 351308

Miriam Wilkins

39 High STreet South

01327 351775

Peter Thomas

5 High Street South

01327 323181

Simon Loake

1 Meadow Rise

01327 352002

Zoe Burbage

Meadow Bank, Meadow Rise

01327 359333

Fay Tennet

9a High Street South

01327 323195