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ATTENTION REQUIRED - Hedge and overgrow on pathways.

It has been bought to the attention of the Parish Council that a number of privately owned hedges and similar vegetation has started to grow out into pathways making it difficult for pedestrians to use the footpath.Obviously, the last few weeks have been pretty wet and as such, normal garden maintenance has been difficult to carry out.However, once we get back to normal weather conditions, can we ask any residents who have hedges or bushes which overhang or grow onto the footpath to check that they aren't causing an obstruction in any way and if they are to give them a trim back.In extreme cases the Parish Council are empowered to employ a contractor to do this work with any costs charged to the householder but it is hoped that this would be a last resort.Your assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.

Posted: Wed, 19 Jun 2019 12:36 by Andrew Tennet

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