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Coronavirus - access to play equipment restricted

As part of the Coronavirus response, the Parish Council has been contacted by South Northamptonshire Council with the following instruction -"Parks will remain open, subject to the approval of local authorities, but gyms, including outdoor gyms, play-parks and kiosks, will close. Police will have power to issue on the spot fines of £30 for meeting without good reason. Therefore, parish & town councils should be closing off any play parks/areas that they are responsible for"In light of this instruction the Parish Council has no option but to ask that whilst Claydon's Field will remain open, the children's play equipment should not be used until further notice.Signs to this effect will shortly be erected around the play equipment. A copy of which is attached.We ask that all residents comply with this instruction which is designed to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and that the children and young adults in the parish are notified of these new restrictions.As outlined above, the police now have powers to issue on the spot fines to any person flouting these regulations.As soon as these restrictions can be lifted, we will ensure that the signs are removed.RegardsAndy Tennet.Clerk - Tiffield Parish Council.

Posted: Mon, 06 Apr 2020 11:11 by Andrew Tennet

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